The Designer

Noora’s passion for creativity and experimentation originated in her childhood. A young girl who was fascinated by her mother’s style and elegance, she would eagerly go through her mother’s wardrobe whenever she got the chance and select her favorite pieces to wear when she grows up. She would sit with her sister for hours choosing who gets what if they were to inherit their mothers’ wardrobe. She would also go through her mother’s stacks of fashion magazines, fascinated by all the beautiful clothes and creative fashion photography that filled those magazines. Inspired by the brilliance of the 80s & 90s fashion era, and the magnificent creations of some of the masters of that time, including Yves saint Laurent & Emanuel Ungaro, she started creating outfits for her barbie dolls. Using spare fabrics from her grandmother’s sewing projects and some others from her mother’s creative fashion experiments. She designed countless barbie dresses and then moved onto designing a few of her own clothes with the help of her grandmothers exceptional sewing skills.

Noora had an eye for beauty and all things beautiful from a young age. She appreciated beautiful clothes, jewelry, shoes of course, furniture, décor and fabrics!

She eventually started collecting fabrics. She felt that there was always so much inspiration and magic that just comes from a beautiful piece of fabric. To this day, Noora has never stopped sourcing and collecting the most exquisite fabrics from all over the world during her travels, to use for her creative inspiration.

As any young woman, Noora sought to express herself through the way she dressed. It was during high school that she began to realize just how limited the options were for the stylish and unique contemporary woman. Far too often, she found people dressed in similar or even identical outfits in a gathering or event, which made her even more selective when it came to her own choice of clothing and the pieces she bought. So she started changing details in pieces she bought, or adding and removing things to make it more her and more customized to her personal style.

Eventually that lead her to making her own clothes, which got many compliments from friends and family who were interested in having what she wore, so she started her own label from home, making only unique and one of a kind pieces which were never repeated twice in the same color or design. She started making one collection a year of those limited pieces, around 30-40 pieces a year, mostly dresses only. They were like pieces of art that could easily start a conversation with a stranger when wearing them, as many clients have expressed.

One of the most defining aspects of Noora’s collections is her emphasis on being true to oneself, and expressing one’s personality without hesitation. Each of Noora’s pieces are a reflection of her own sense of style.

Noora has created a label for those women who, like herself, love to dress for themselves, have an eye for detail, appreciate the finer things in life and are unique in their style. She understands the delicate balance of dressing with sophistication and grace, while still having an interesting, unique or playful edge to your look.

The Noora Hefzi pieces are for women who celebrate and treasure the everyday luxuries of life, whether it is good food or company, beautiful clothes, shoes or simply beautiful surroundings.