A Seasonless Brand

Seasonless brand noora hefzi saudi fashion


Why are we a seasonless brand?

Since I started designing, I put myself as the customer I had in mind.  And because I wanted my customers to be a reflection of me, I was able to attract that kind of persona. They have the same eye for uniqueness, sense of style and appreciate the little details and fine finishings.   Like me, my customers seek luxurious fabrics in each piece, and want the option of customizing to their liking, whether it’s a change of sleeve length or swapping with another shade in our color range.

My brand is about adding beauty to life, which is aligned with my life purpose.

I’ve always found the idea of fast fashion which is now becoming 52 seasons instead of four to have devastating environmental impacts, creating labour abuse and a new expanded consumerism habit that is not sustainable.

The demand creates unnecessary pressure for the designer, tailors and suppliers  to develop a new collection at unbelievable stretched times during the year, in accordance with the fashion calendar, as well as put pressure on the consumer to buy more new pieces  which is almost every day now with so many collections/ capsules a year.

We all know we don’t need a new wardrobe every month or “season”;  we are just sold on the idea of new outfits almost daily through social media.   This expanded  consumerism and the lack of appreciation for what is beautiful and timeless is unfortunate.

To me,  if something was beautiful five years ago, it should still be beautiful today and ten years from now. My grandmother's stunning and timeless dress is still preserved with my mother in her closet.   This was the magic of designers from the 40's, 50's, and 60's era where glamorous  fashion became vintage,  sophisticated and timeless, whereas now rarely, anything is worth being passed onto the next generation worth enjoying and cherishing.  I want to bring back that magic of passing on beautiful clothes, bags and shoes to our children and enjoying them for generations to come while honoring our families.

Real luxury today is having access to unique, customizable, timeless and limited pieces that are handmade with high quality fabrics and finishings, rather than mass produced; is what women want to invest in now I believe.

Fashion and clothing should not have an expiration date.  Stores having a  few months of shelf life  clothing and then dispensing them with huge sales and slashing the prices  to get rid of existing stock hurts the whole ecosystem. Which is why I have always believed in the made by order business model since I started designing 10 years ago. I never carried ready stock, only 1-2 pieces of samples and always made the pieces upon order for the customer. Some might argue that it is more costly that way, but to me it’s more sustainable, since we don’t manufacture abroad in mass production factories, but rather have our own tailors who start each piece when it is ordered.

Even though our brand is a luxury and exclusive brand, we believe fashion and luxury don't need to be wasteful.

We need to slow down the fast fashion pace and start consumer awareness campaigns on the importance of appreciating hand made pieces that have been made by order for them with carefully selected fabrics and that it’s ok if it takes a few days to have your clothes made, as opposed to them being shipped out to  in 2 hours. We need to stop the instant gratification theme that is ruling people's everyday lives.