Noora Hefzi’s Ramadan/Eid collection was inspired by a quality we all strive to become more of during this holy month, and carry it on with us for life. Purification of the heart is a journey we embark on to cure the heart of miserliness, envy, hatred, treachery, malice, and arrogance. By purifying our heart, we are reflecting on changes we want to make and setting new intentions for who we want to become. By learning and practicing on possessing new beautiful qualities and by shedding what no longer serves us.
The color palette for this collection is composed of neutrals and pastels, that sets the mood for the clean slate that is Ramadan.
Most of the collection is composed of light, flowy and airy dresses. Some designed in more structured cuts in luxe jacquard organzas. The modest collection is comprised of flowing cuts in taffetas, organzas, jacquard, and tulle. Gathered sleeves in feminine fabrics make it a timeless collection.
Optional matching belts are a theme in this collection, as they elevate the dress by defining the waistline subtly. The monochromatic approach is an elegant look that brings a clean, polished and tasteful aesthetic. Noora Hefzi’s Ramadan/Eid collection is designed to be transitional and be worn throughout the year and be a wardrobe staple.

Scattered pearls are reoccurring in this collection, an ode to Noora Hefzi’s previous Ramadan collections of dresses with different variations of pearls over the last decade.