The Divine Feminine Within

Noora Hefzi's Spring Summer collection explores the relationship between nature and femininity, and the many elements nature has in common with a woman. In many cultures nature is referred to as a woman and is often feminized because it is seen as possessing the same qualities. This dates back to the times of ancient mythology, with several goddesses being strongly connected to the earth or being portrayed as earth.

This collection is inspired by this inherent link between nature and femininity, and accentuates this enigmatic quality of women. Like nature, a woman has her own universe and is governed by her own laws. Like nature a woman radiates with a certain beauty, she can be vulnerable and gentle but also wild and fearless, and though her being is balanced she is constantly evolving.

Reflecting Noora Hefzi's signature DNA in ready-to-wear, the new collection features elegant detailing, delicate fabrics, contrasting textures and effortless silhouettes.

The collection has an effortless feel to it and offers timeless pieces that can be dressed up and down, perfectly adapted for the lifestyle of all women.