Noora Hefzi

Noora Hefzi is a Saudi fashion designer based in Dubai. She launched her eponymous label in 2005.

Noora Hefzi has since then graduated from being a small business, to an international label that caters to boutiques and private customers in the region and beyond.

The backbone of Noora’s design career lies in her early experimentations with conceiving the outfits for her entire Barbie doll collection. With the help of her grandmother, an ingenious seamstress, Noora’s Barbie dolls soon went from pink clad, bubble gum girls to fashion-forward style mavens. Growing weary of her own wardrobe experience, Noora quickly learned to cross new design boundaries by applying her acquired skills to a new customer, herself.Noora’s outfits stood out among her peers for their bold and distinctive designs. And from then on, her path to recognition followed.

Her designs evoke a sense of mid-century modern with its avant-garde and organic aesthetic. These designs are for the confident woman who is not afraid of making a statement. Noora masterfully captures the juxtaposition of the classic and contemporary by weaving unconventional metallic, embellished, or textured fabrics.

To Noora, designing is a reflection of the duality of her own sense of style; playful, effortlessly chic and bold, understated luxury.